AIR COCK RING – Extended Wear + Big Bulge – Black

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  • Made from brand new extra soft and stretchy silicone designed for extended wear without pinching

  • Super light airflow cock ring with 12 ventilation holes

  • Holes and ergonomic design make this our lightest larger-size cock ring 

  • This is a bulge-enhancing cock ring designed for comfort and beefier package 
  • Holes keep lube and sweat where you want it

AIR is a cock ring with an entirely new look and feel, a larger size ring that's as light as hot air. It's made of our firmer, super-stretch PLUS+SILICONE TPR/silicone blend; it has the rubbery stretch of silicone but the strength of TPR. This is a bulge-enhancing cock ring–it pushes your manhood up and out but doesn't grip too tightly, dig or pinch.

At HARD NEW YORK, we love wearing cockrings and ballstretchers. Whether it's under our clothes on the go or for some hot and heavy hole stuffin'...something just feels so damn good about plumpin' up your cock and pushin' your nuts out.

That being said...there are days when we want that beefier, bigger bulge but without all the bulk on our boys. That's where we’ve got the idea to make our new super lightweight cockring, AIR.

AIR is a super sleek and aerodynamic cockring designed to beef up your meat while feelin' like you've got on nothin' at all.

AIR is made from our brand new hybrid PLUS+SILICONE which combines the strength and stretch of TPR with warm and softness of smooth silicone.

The squishy, stretchy material and minimal design create a super comfortable fit that'll bloat your hog without any unnecessary bulk.

Fill out a jockstrap or your favorite tight gear; AIR is so lightweight it'll look like your natural meat pushed out and straining in your pouch.

Read and follow manufacturers use recommendations and discontinue use if any discomfort occurs.